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What we do

Vinyl Floor Stripping & Refinishing

The most common flooring type across commercial spaces are the vinyl floors and nothing beats the smooth glossy look of a clean vinyl floor.

However, wiping them on a daily basis using a mop is simply not adequate. These floors start to dim and catch a pale yellow tint over time, no matter how clean the buildings are. In the absence of appropriate maintenance and care, these floors can further attain discoloration.

This is especially the case if you utilize cleaning solutions that are not ideal and build up wax. If you allow the layers of sealant to wear off, then the vinyl surface can get permanently damaged which will also have an impact on the life of your flooring.

For this reason, they require resealing every few years so as to keep them scratch and stain free. Sealing aids in repelling the accumulation of dirt on the floor. It’s best to handle an expert for this because of their years of experience and equipment they own which are certain to get the job done

Stripping and Waxing are necessary every 12-18 months to maintain the sheen and lustre depending on the foot traffic.

What is Vinyl Floor Stripping and Sealing?

Vinyl stripping and sealing have to do with taken off layers or a layer of a sealer, cleaning it and then resealing the surface. Depending on the floor condition, this can consist of removing just part of the top layers before applying a new top layer. Sometimes, it can involve removing all the top layers. The level of foot traffic is the major criteria for fixing a date for maintaining and cleaning vinyl flooring.

Benefits of Vinyl Floor Stripping, Waxing & Polishing

Vinyl flooring may seem difficult to keep clean. If you observe your floors are starting to look drab, it may be time to engage in stripping, waxing and polishing.

Here are a few of the many benefits you stand to gain from doing these.


This is one way to give your floors a sparkling clean look. Grime and dirt can stick to the wax on the vinyl floor and make it seem continuously dirty even after cleaning. By stripping the wax from the floor, the dirt which is tedious to clean will also be taken off as well.


After stripping the wax off Vinyl flooring, they will need waxing or recoating. This will aid them in shining brighter and lasting longer. A layer of wax would aid in keeping the dirt away. Waxed floors are easier to keep clean because they function like sealants.


Polishing Vinyl floors will enhance their appearance physically. It will boost the gloss on the wax as time goes on. If you have a Vinyl floor in a location with lots of foot traffic, you will require Polishing frequently to ensure the floor looks its best always.

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