What we do

What we do

Tile & Grout

Tile and grout cleaning takes more than a quick pass with a scrub and a bleach solution. They are notoriously difficult to clean and catch a lot of dirt and other contaminants with time, making the entire flooring look dull and old. The grout lines and corners especially, become a permanent residence for the molds and fungus.

To eliminate these stubborn stains and dirt, you need help from professional tile and grout cleaning services. They can finish the job by deep cleaning even the hard to reach areas leaving your tile and grout that fresh as new look.

We’ve got technicians who have gone through a thorough training in Tile and Grout Cleaning. We sanitize and clean the surface. And that’s not all to it, we also carry out a deep down extraction, protection, maintenance and the superior care of your grout or tile is our priority.

After cleaning your tile and grout, our experts will apply a layer of sealer to protect your grout which acts as a shield against mildew and staining. Also, to upgrade the look of your grout or if your grout is discolored we offer a recoloring service that will suit your taste.


Make sure your floor is dry at all times

Always keep your floor dry because a little spill of water can attract dirt. The same thing is applicable when you’ve just finished mopping your floor. Make sure that the floor is thoroughly dried to keep away dirt that would soil your floor.

Placement of rugs or mats in high trodden places

You can avert wear and tear caused by foot traffic on your floor by placing rugs or doormats on the floor. Since rugs absorb water, they can prevent dirt that would have been attracted by water spillage on the floor. A small rug can be placed on at the doorway entrance or any other strategic places.

Regular vacuuming

To remove dust and loose dirt from your floor, a vacuum is all you need. If you’ve got pets, a vacuum cleaner is necessary to help clean up the pet’s fur and keep your floor neat. Regular cleaning of your house using a vacuum keeps away dirt and prevent it from being absorbed into the floor.

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